Jay Golland


A respected Rockland County attorney, Jay Golland boasts an impressive history of excellent results both in and out of the courtroom. He is eager to guide his valued clients through the complexities of the local legal system.


Jay Golland’s Unique Career Background

Jay Golland’s well-rounded education and career history allows him to bring a unique and incredibly valuable perspective to his work as a lawyer. Already interested in the legal system as an undergraduate, he studied criminal justice at the University of Delaware. From there, the aspiring attorney went on to the George Washington University Law School, where he eventually obtained his Juris Doctor. After graduating from law school, Jay Golland began his career at the Rockland County District Attorney’s Office. After several years of serving as a prosecutor, he moved on to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. During his time as a special agent, Jay Golland investigated a variety of types of white collar crime, including securities and investment fraud. He then established his own law firm, using the vast knowledge he’d gained as a prosecutor and special agent to fill clients in on all aspects of the legal system. As the sole proprietor of Jay Golland, Attorney at Law, he works hard to deliver successful resolutions for a variety of cases.


Jay Golland, Attorney At Law: Practice Areas

A versatile lawyer, Jay Golland offers legal services for clients dealing with a wide array of issues. He primarily serves as a criminal defense lawyer, using the understanding he gained during his time as a prosecutor to benefit his valued clients. He also works extensively with those who have been issued speeding tickets and other types of traffic citations. Other practice areas include litigation, debt collection and real estate. No matter the details surrounding a given case, clients can rest assured knowing that Jay Golland is equipped with the knowledge and courtroom skills necessary to resolve the issue in the most satisfactory manner possible.

Choosing The Right Rockland County Lawyer

It is important for residents living in and around Rockland County to work with lawyers well-versed in the area’s local legal community. Criminal law, real estate, debt collection and traffic regulations all differ greatly from one region to the next, so a thorough understanding of the local landscape can prove incredibly valuable. Jay Golland is very familiar with Rockland County’s legal system. He combines this knowledge with his impressive background and excellent communication skills to deliver the ultimate in legal representation.