For Criminal Defense or help with other problems including DWI and traffic offenses, Real Estate Matters. Landlord/Tenant Matters and other Litigation, get the legal help you need from experienced New York Criminal Law Attorney Jay Golland.

We serve mostly Rockland County clients, but also others in Orange County, Westchester and, in certain situations, with clients statewide. Our primary strength is the areas of law that are included in New York Criminal Law.


Jay Golland, Attorney at Law

Experience counts and is essential when your very freedom and reputation are at stake because you are facing criminal charges. A conviction for crime is very serious. It can haunt you long into your future, and cause endless problems when you seek work, housing or want to travel. If you are convicted of certain Traffic Law offenses, your driver’s license could be immediately suspended or revoked. Freedom and justice are always worth fighting for, but most people do not know how to properly advocate for themselves.


New York Attorney Jay Golland

One person who fights for justice and to help people get through their troubles with criminal charges, convictions and appeals is New York Attorney Jay Golland. Jay has been actively practicing law since 1994. For years, he has defended those accused of crimes and helped people with legal issues in the areas of Criminal Defense, DWI and Traffic Offenses.Attorney Jay Golland has an extensive background in Criminal Justice, first as a Former Rockland City Senior Assistant District Attorney and a Former FBI Agent, and for in private practice since 1999. He has extensive experience with all types of criminal cases, from petty offenses to very serious felonies. He has supervised drug cases and knows the current regulations that apply in New York state courts.


Rockland County Lawyer

While serving as a Rockland County Lawyer, Attorney Jay Golland accumulated the resources and specific knowledge needed to successfully help clients resolve even the most complex legal dilemmas. He offers a free consultation and handles matters in a quick and efficient manner. Attorney Golland is ready to help you with speeding and traffic tickets, real estate problems, debt collection matters, litigation and other legal concerns, in addition to Criminal Defense.


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Attorney Jay Golland received his Law degree (J.D. – Juris Doctor) from the George Washington University National Law Center, in 1993. Prior to that, he earned a B.S.A.S. degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Delaware, 1990. Currently, Mr. Golland is an active member of the New York State Defenders Association and the Rockland County Bar Association.

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